5th Annual

Conference on Academic Research in Education (CARE)

June 14-15, 2021

Sponsored by the University of Nevada at Las Vegas' (UNLV) College of Education, 2021 will mark the 5th annual CARE conference. Normally, this event brings together scholars from around the U.S. and abroad in order to present scholarship related to a variety of contexts, including theory, practice, empirical research, and conceptual advancement. All presentations address subjects specifically related to education, broadly defined, such as P-12 teacher education, higher education, educational psychology, adult education, special education, school counseling, school psychology, school climate, policy, TESL, literacy, online learning, educational technology, and others.

CARE is a juried, national research conference, meaning that presentation proposals undergo peer-review prior to potential acceptance for presentation. CARE is a robust conference with ample opportunities to exchange theoretical ideas, share research results, help advance practice, make collaborative connections, and learn from one another’s scholarship.

Virtual Conference

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CARE will be held as a "virtual conference," during JUNE 14-15, 2021.

Both pre-recorded lecture sessions as well as poster sessions will be posted on the conference website in an open-view format.

Call for Papers

We invite submissions for potential presentation at this year’s virtual CARE conference from a broad range of topics related to education. Strands may include empirical or theoretical scholarship as well as research methodology evaluation, meta-analyses, critical literature reviews, and topics related to applied practice, including action research, that are grounded in scholarship.

Submit a proposal that includes a title, an abstract of not more than 150 words, and a summary that does not exceed more than 600 words. If the proposal is accepted for presentation, then the title and abstract will be included in the conference program. Please do not submit the same proposal to multiple conferences.

Proposal Submission Deadline is APRIL 30, 2021.

Presenters of both lecture and poster session presentations may submit their written papers for journal publication consideration in the printed, peer-reviewed Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences (JBSS).


CARE will be sponsored again this year by the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) College of Education.